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Just a minor detail on 8/12's Music Core

 Okay, so 8/12 is far away, but here's a little detail I found on Yurui912's Twitter.

Music Core will be recorded at Music Festival of Korea in Sokcho. The MCs will be SNSD's Tiffany & Yuri.
Performers include Rain, Super Junior, CNBlue, SNSD, 4minute, T-ara & Koyote.
Full performer list will be posted on 8/11

Source: koreanmusicfestival & Yurui912@twitter
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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

{CONTEST/SURVEY} Super Junior-M "Me" CD!

 So, I've decided to hold my first contest, to give away my Super Junior-M CD! :) It's quite precious to me as it's my first (& last) C-pop purchase. But, because I hardly listen to it anymore, I've decided to give it away :) Please note that only Singaporeans can enter this contest. 

Please comment in this post if you'd love to enter in this competition. This is just for me to see if there are enough people participating. If there isn't, I will close this contest & not hold it.

One rule is that you have to be following me on Twitter (follow me here!). 

Please follow this code when posting. Please post only if you're interested:

Twitter account:
Which part of Singapore you live in:

I will be opening this contest (if there are people interested) nearing the end of 2010, as I will be going back to Singapore in December 2010. I will then meet up with the winner during December to January.

The details on how to win will be released during November 2010. Feel free to post questions with your code :)

All the best & good luck! :)

P.S: I really have the CD. Look at my K-pop collection here (I haven't updated it for a while..)
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

you make me wanna say..

Day 9 (6/26) : Your favorite k-pop performance
This is hard, I don't have a particular favorite k-pop performance. But if I had to choose one... SNSD's Tell Me performance. The original is by Wondergirls, by the way. Watch it here
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they've got nothing on you.

Day 2 (6/18): Your favorite k-pop girl group
It has to be Girls' Generation, they were my first K-Pop girlband bias (: & forever will be!
I honestly don't have anything to say about them. except that they're perfect (:
If you wanna know more about them, join Soshified!
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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

say what! (kpop)

Found this on Jon's admin notes at Divadetention, I'm gonna do it here as I don't have a tumblr LOL Let's hope I remember to do it.

Day 1 (6/17): Your favorite k-pop guy group
As of right now, my favorite band has to be...
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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

Are You Dedicated Enough? {Kim Jong Kook}

Welcome all from worldvidz /kpop_uploads/my friends-list roflmao. You have stepped into the wonderful world of Disney Kim Jong Kook fandom :> 
Step inside, & be warned, you might fall in love with him (OH NOES. THAT'S TERRIBLE) :D
P.S: First time doing a full pimp-post, so.. whatever, just warning you if this failz terribly D:
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Kim Jong Kook's Soompi Thread
Wikipedia (Kim Jong Kook & Turbo)
CitraMusic (Blogspot)
SNSD; Jump

소녀시대's 오! {Review}

 SNSD's Oh! got released today. & I was watching TV while it was being released -__-" Sigh. ROFL. Oh well, now that I have downloaded it ... AHH, DADDY JUST SAID HE'S BUYING IT FOR ME :> OH I LOVE YOU, DADDY :3 Anyway, time for my review.. ^^

Release Date: 28/1/2010
Artist: Girls' Generation
Album Name: Oh!
Note: This is their second full album.
Purchase Album Here
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PLEASE NOTE: My reviews do not discourage you to get this album. DO BUY THE ALBUM. The songs are good. But these are just my thoughts.

Definitely ;)
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